I have been fascinated by the many ways human beings shroud themselves in layers of what is essentially psychological dress-up from the moment I first picked up a camera. Formalities, convention, things we say and don’t say, how we dress – in the end it is all an act to keep others away from our naked self, the way we fear we will be seen. I have explored notions of self as it is revealed and obscured over the years, through the barriers of masquerade and others. We put up faces, we save face, we lose face… As of today, these works have been completed as part of the “Essentia Obscura” project:

Masquerade (Take 1) Folio:

Masquerade 1

Masquerade 1

“Masquerade! /Paper faces on parade/Masquerade! /Hide your face so the world will never find you/Masquerade! /Every face a different shade/Masquerade! /Look around, there’s another mask behind you.” (from “The Phantom of the Opera”)

At times, we hide behind more than one mask so the world will never find us.

The “Masquerade (Take 1) Folio” is offered for $120. Signed and unsigned prints are also available.