Dessau, Germany 2013 #2

Dessau, November 2013

Dessau 2013 #2

Dessau 2013 #2

After the Wende (“turning point”) in 1989 and the subsequent reunification of Germany, people had high hopes for a turnaround of the East of Germany, an economic upswing, a change for the better. Some of it has happened, yet a lot of it has not. There was a movement of a lot of people from East to West, and quite a bit of infrastructure was never fully restored.

Dessau, Germany is where the Bauhaus was born, and where a lot of my paternal extended family still lives. I visited in November of 2013. I took some extended walks through the city, and not everything looks as decayed as what you see here – but this was more fun to photograph, and there was more in boarded up houses and so forth than I would have expected.

While not yet part of a project – if you’re interested in any prints from this series, please contact me!